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Enterprise IT Cousluting Services

  • IT system integration
    Organizational structures are optimized to eliminate repetitive system construction. IT strategic planning and development & maintenance are unified. Process management and planning are unified to prevent stovepipe system development and realize system integration.
  • IT integration and innovation
    New concepts and techniques such as service centralization, Internet elements, and mobile terminals are introduced to revolutionize business management modes, improve collaboration efficiency, and reduce operational costs.
  • IT infrastructure
    IT resources are integrated via centralized management of data centers and application of cloud computing, thus supporting the global operation of enterprises.

LiveCom's Enterprise IT Service Solutions Meeting Industry Requirements

Services meeting enterprise requirements

  • IT services and operation & maintenance management
  • Enterprise strategy and management consulting
  • System implementation and integration
  • IT planning and architecture 


  1. Management consulting (strategy, process management, and key performance indicators [KPIs])
  2. IT strategic planning for enterprises
  3. Implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) (SAP, Oracle, and Yonyou NC)
  4. Supply chain implementation and visibility
  5. Digital factory solution for the energy and chemical industry (enterprise asset management [EAM])
  6. Data warehouse and business intelligence
  7. Shared services center (SSC) solution for enterprises
  8. IT infrastructure and IT operation, maintenance, and protection service solutions
  9. Internet Data Center (IDC) and cloud computing solution